I walk around a lot. Quite a bit, really! And I tend to notice weird little bits on the ground. I pick these things up and cherish them. And I'll catalog them here. My good little bits of scrap :D


a half-inch wrench sitting on an open palm.

look at my wrench! I found it in a crack! Where a parking-lot-blacktop met the concrete transition from the road. I'm quite surprised I saw it; It was very well hidden. While I was walking over it I noticed a glimmer, kept walking, and then double-took with a sort of "what was that?" And there it was!

It's of the half-inch variety, a crescent on one end and a box-head the other. Oh, it's just so good! A proper spanner! This find elates me so.


Belt Buckle

time forgotten

a belt buckle branded Aeropostale in cursive, stylized writing sitting on bricks.

This little guy I found next to a brick, industrial building in Bensenville, Illinois. I was very excited to find it! It's a belt buckle! That's so weird! How was it separated from it's lengthy leather companion?

The body of the buckle seems to be some kind of stainless steel, but I can't be sure. It has "AĆ©ropostale" written on the frame where you might thread the belt material through. The branding appears to be cast into it. The bar is very rusty and I would guess is a kind of mild steel.


a small, metal placard with the word grace written on it haphazardly in varying tones of grey. there is a color test chart in the top-left corner.

I found this walking through an under-construction bike path. It was mysteriously lying in a mound of dirt along the path.

The metal feels lighter than steel and it's not magnetic; it might be made of aluminum? The writing feels rough. I think it's an etching or engraving.

The top-left corner of the placard cropped on the colour chart

The little colour test chart is very interesting. Along the top it's labelled A through D and the side 1 through 6. Only sixteen of the positions appear to have a colour. Most are shades of yellow or grey. A-2 is a very nice blue, C-5 a pleasing pink. They get darker as the rows go down, the sixth being too dark to make out much hue.

i have lots more prehistory to add as i go through my little box and take photos