Small Poems

small poems; here they are! i posted most of them before to twitter, but that's for the birds.

too much walking
made these feet real sore.
but the stillness was mocking
so i did a little more.

just now a dull ache
as 've worn away the pain
we now all understand
in stillness, there's no gain

i went for a walk tonight but
	i walked too fast;
i jogged down the middle of the street and
	took a stride too big;
i ran with arms pumping much too hard; i sprinted and
i lost
my legs.
my breath
left me.
i hovered—
i flew.

in which she drank two monster
(and ten ounces coffee)
in which she looks for her w-2.
(well, is supposed to be).
in which she's lost track of time
(and her place therein).
in which she types to you from her car.