Touching Grass

I took this short video to send to a friend one day and accidentally made a 106 frame masterpiece. Well, that's hyperbolic, but there's a lot I enjoy about it.

The contrast between my orange painted nails and the surprisingly green grass is pretty pleasing. I think the gentle brown of the brick in the bottom-left corner helps keep from an overwhelming greenery. Thanks bricks :)

The accidental camera movement is nice, too. I like the angle the camera is at and the way it wobbles. It's clearly hand-held. At 1.3-ish-seconds you can see I gently sway forward, but seem to be less wobbly. I'm braced; I'm stable! I have-three-points-of-contact-with-the-ground! Then, at roughly 2 seconds when the grass finally yields, I get rocked back and wobbles resume.

The sound! And the sound. The ripping of the grass. That planty matter finally giving way. The fibrous tearing. I just like it; I enjoy it! I greatly appreciate it.